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In order to source more meals, Feeding America has developed MealConnect, a technology platform that maximizes network capacity, prevents meals from ending up in landfills and empowers food donors to notify their local food bank when they have food available.


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About MealConnect

Streamlined Interactions

Guided by member feedback and designed in partnership with, Feeding America's MealConnect website assists food banks in identifying new​ opportunities, matching agencies to donors, ​monitoring pickup activity, and seamlessly recording receipts for any type of donation. 

Free and Intuitive Online Platform

MealConnect is free, easy to use, and fits into your existing processes. Since each food bank is different, we've developed a system to help members with multiple partner organizations (agencies; PDO's; RDO's) easily manage their network without ever leaving the office.

Helping to End Hunger Nationwide

With over 2,500 hunger relief organization regularly using MealConnect, we are in a position to nationally scale this solution and help end hunger in America, and with your partnership, we will.



Just wanted to let you know how much I love MealConnect. I'm able to print what I'm submitting each week and get a print out of the monthly amount. WHAT A GREAT SYSTEM! Thanks a lot!

Susan Agency

MealConnect took an agency that was consistently behind in their reporting and turned them into a group that reports weekly, on time and up to date. They say it's so smooth, fun, and easy to use.

Dan Wilson Food Bank

MealConnect helped to reveal a lot of donor locations that our agencies were already picking up from but were not being reported to us.

Diane Matthews Feedback received 01/21/2016

MealConnect makes our work more effective and efficient, allowing us to get more food to more people in more places.

Lynne Telford Food Bank


It is our promise that the MealConnect general platform will always be free for our users.